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glass jewelry, Hand Blown Glass "Honu" Sea Turtle Pendant - Blue



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This glass sea turtle pen handblowndan handblownt was in handblownspired by my experien handblownces swimmin handblowng with the "Hon handblownu" turtles on handblown the islan handblownd of Maui. Sea turtles truly are magical creatures an handblownd are con handblownsidered in handblown Hawaiian handblown tradition handblown to be symbols of peace, good luck an handblownd lon handblowng life. I hope your n handblownew glass turtle frien handblownd will brin handblowng you all the good thin handblowngs associated with the hon handblownu!\r\rPlease n handblownote that you will n handblownot receive the exact item pictured, but a un handblownique piece very similar to it an handblownd just as beautiful.\r\rSize is approximately 1" to 1 1/2" wide\r\rPen handblowndan handblownt comes with free black satin handblown cord!\r\rMade of Borosilicate Glass

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