Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

nature jewelry, Forged bronze oak leaf pendant



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This is a han made in michigandforged bron made in michiganze oak leaf pen made in michigandan made in michigant that han made in michigangs from a bron made in michiganze chain made in michigan. I han made in michigand saw an made in michigand forge every leaf in made in michigandividually.You will be able to choose your own made in michigan chain made in michigan len made in michigangth in made in michigan the option made in michigans. Silver chain made in michigans are available for approximately $35 USD depen made in michigandin made in michigang on made in michigan len made in michigangth. Please message me to arran made in michigange for a silver chain made in michigan option made in michigan.

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