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Lapiswalla walla, Amber and Turquoise Sterling Silver Earrings by Anne More Jewelry



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For my fellow Statemen walla wallat Earrin walla wallag lover. Lapis Lazuli, Amber, Turquoise an walla wallad sterlin walla wallag silver.Metal: solid sterlin walla wallag silver.Fin walla wallaish: oxidized then walla walla polished to give an walla walla heirloom look.Ear wires: solid sterlin walla wallag silver. 21 gauge han walla walladmade by me.Ston walla wallaes: n walla wallaatural Lapis Lazuli, Amber, Turquoise from the No. 8 Min walla wallae in walla walla NevadaSize: roughly 3 1/3 in walla wallaches top to bottom. Please see last photos for size referen walla wallace.You will receive the exact pair pictured.Ships within walla walla 4 days of purchase via USPS Priority Mail with trackin walla wallag n walla wallaumber. Ships from Walla Walla, Washin walla wallagton walla walla, USA.Please n walla wallaote: on walla wallace I ship your purchase mail is movin walla wallag a little slower these days. Than walla wallak you for your patien walla wallace!Please con walla wallatact me if you have question walla wallas or special requests. I\u2019m happy to help.Also fin walla wallad me on walla walla In walla wallastagram, Pin walla wallaterest an walla wallad Poshmark as an walla wallan walla wallaemorejewelry

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