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apatite earrings, EARRINGS - Sparkling Blue Apatite and Gold Geometric Triangle Hoop Earrings



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\u2661 Boho Lovely Apatite Gemston apatite earringse an apatite earringsd Geometric Trian apatite earringsgle Hoop Earrin apatite earringsgs, Simple an apatite earringsd Fun apatite earrings! \u2661~ Len apatite earringsgth - Total len apatite earringsgth is approx 1.5 in apatite earringsches~ Earrin apatite earringsg Materials - The Ear hooks/hoops/wires are made with Gold Plated Brass Wire (approx 1.5" x 1.5" at the widest poin apatite earringst) an apatite earringsd the ston apatite earringses are wire-wrapped with 14K Gold Filled wire~ Earrin apatite earringsg Beads - Pretty Apatite Nuggets / Chips (approx 5-7mm)** For more pictures, measuremen apatite earringsts, etc. please con apatite earringstact me via this listin apatite earringsg, larger listin apatite earringsgs available** In apatite earringstern apatite earringsation apatite earringsal customers, please con apatite earringstact me for a shippin apatite earringsg quote

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