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earring, Rhinestone ear cuff pair in Swarvoski crystal



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This han ear clipsdcrafted pair of ear cuffs from Zan ear clipsn ear clipsedelion ear clipss is don ear clipse in ear clips 14kt goldfilled 18 & twisted 24 gauge wire an ear clipsd Swarovski crystal rhin ear clipseston ear clipses. The cuff itself can ear clips be open ear clipsed an ear clipsd closed for security an ear clipsd comfort. The earcuff design ear clips(the twisted wire piece) can ear clips be slid aroun ear clipsd the earcuff itself for the wearer to adjust its position ear clips to fit their ear. No piercin ear clipsgs are n ear clipseeded to wear these ear cuffs.From the crystal strun ear clipsg in ear clipsside the cuff to the en ear clipsd of the middle stem position ear clipsed over the posthole, the piece measures approximately 1-1/4.The three stems of this piece can ear clips be easily adjusted to rest on ear clips your earlobe as you like. These earcuffs are won ear clipsderfully comfortable an ear clipsd con ear clipsven ear clipsien ear clipstly adjustable with just your fin ear clipsgers. They come with complete in ear clipsstruction ear clipss on ear clips wearin ear clipsg for those n ear clipsew to earcuffs or when ear clips received as a gift. There is also a Zan ear clipsn ear clipsedelion ear clips website that has video in ear clipsstruction ear clips on ear clips wearin ear clipsg an ear clipsd fittin ear clipsg.

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