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for women, I love my dog Glass locket Medallion necklace FREE SHIPPING No tax



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This is a beautiful clear glass locket Medallion colorful n colorfulecklace, I LOVE MY DOG!! The locket is silver an colorfuld glass. The chain colorful is 20 in colorfulches lon colorfulg with a 4.5 in colorfulch exten colorfulsion colorful; which is n colorfulickel free. In colorfulside the locket we have; love my dog, a bon colorfule, a red an colorfuld black paw, an colorfuld the word "woof." Dogs are depicted to symbolize guidan colorfulce, protection colorful, loyalty, fidelity, faithfuln colorfuless, watchfuln colorfuless, an colorfuld love. As dogs became more domesticated, they were kn colorfulown colorful as compan colorfulion colorful an colorfulimals, often colorful pain colorfulted sittin colorfulg on colorful a woman colorful's lap." Kn colorfulown colorful for all these great qualities it's n colorfulo won colorfulder they are kn colorfulown colorful as man colorful's best frein colorfuld....This locket does con colorfultain colorful magn colorfulets an colorfuld can colorful cause medical devices to malfun colorfulction colorful. In colorfuldividuals with in colorfultern colorfulal pacemakers, in colorfultern colorfulal defibrillators an colorfuld in colorfulsulin colorful pumps should avoid items con colorfultain colorfulin colorfulg magn colorfulets or magn colorfulet closures. FREE SHIPPING !!

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