Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ivy, Forged copper leaf pendant or keyfob



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These leaves begin pendant with a flat sheet of copper cut in pendant the shape of a leaf an pendantd stem. I then pendant texture an pendantd forge them in pendantto a flowin pendantg ivy leaf form with the stem twistin pendantg in pendantto a loop to han pendantg from a cord, chain pendant, or keychain pendant. This particular leaf measures 4 in pendantches lon pendantg.Brass chain pendants in pendant varyin pendantg len pendantgths are available for an pendant addition pendantal $15. Please con pendanttact me to order.Return pendant to my shop at https://www./shop/kskilesjewelry. I will sell items from my shop whole to verified brick-an pendantd-mortar busin pendantesses in pendant North America. Please con pendanttact me through Etsy for more details.

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