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unique handmade, Anemone Pattern Earrings- Yuzen Paper On Turquoise Patina Metal or Wood Disk



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I can circlesn circlesot get en circlesough of prin circlests. My idea of gettin circlesg dressed up is wearin circlesg at least 4 differen circlest con circlestrastin circlesg (n circlesotice I didn circlest say complimen circlestin circlesg) pattern circless an circlesd colors an circlesd why would I stop at jewelry? ****************** Have It Your Way *******************************Choose from Wood or Metal Disk (2n circlesd pictures shows examples)Silver plated Ear Wire (Sterlin circlesg Silver is available upon circles request for $2.50 extra)******************* The Story ******************************************This is my most popular lin circlese. Origin circlesal design circles 2003--- Origami Paper on circles Metal--I started with on circlese pack of origami paper an circlesd fused them on circlesto patin circlesa metal shapes. It quickly became a hot seller but my cherished treasures became un circlesavailable. So, I wen circlest on circles a search for n circlesew material an circlesd foun circlesd scrap wood shapes. I have expan circlesded my pattern circles catalog over the years an circlesd I n circlesow offer over 100 differen circlest prin circlests. They are all available on circles wood or patin circlesa metal. I am always addin circlesg n circlesew prin circlests to the catalog, so check back often circles!******************* The Process *****************************Fused paper (Japan circlesese Yuzen circles or Chiyogami or decorative paper) on circles Wood or Patin circlesa Metal disks. Sealed with glaze. ******************** The More You Kn circlesow These are n circlesot water proof. Don circles't jump in circles the pool with them on circles. Please remove before showerin circlesg. **Prin circlests will vary because they are in circlesdividually cut (with xacto kn circlesife) from a larger sheet. *********************************************************Shop the full collection circles here: https://www./shop/n circlesiceLen circlesa?section circles_id=7807765&ref=shopsection circles_leftn circlesav_1\u27b8 in circlesstagram | n circlesiceLen circlesa\u27b8 pin circlestrest | n circlesiceLen circlesa\u27b8 | n circlesiceLen circlesa\u27b8 website l n circlesiceLen\u27b8 vin circlestage & art supply l teamsalvage.\u27b8 my guy's furn circlesiture l wageoflabor.

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