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Hebrew Gold cuff with a biblical verse in hebrew jewelryscribed aroun hebrew jewelryd it in hebrew jewelry biblical Hebrew fon hebrew jewelryt. 1/2 in hebrew jewelrych tall cuff dipped in hebrew jewelry gold with an hebrew jewelry en hebrew jewelrygraved design hebrew jewelry. Part of the Judaica jewelry collection hebrew jewelry I call "Keren hebrew jewelry Or". The texture on hebrew jewelry the cuff is in hebrew jewelrycredible - it has the feel of diamon hebrew jewelryd cut that is so bright it shin hebrew jewelryes.The gold cuff is about 6 in hebrew jewelryches aroun hebrew jewelryd with about an hebrew jewelry in hebrew jewelrych open hebrew jewelryin hebrew jewelryg. It has some adjustability. The cuff is made of 14K gold plated brass. The cuff has the followin hebrew jewelryg verse from Book of n hebrew jewelryumbers 12:13It reads in hebrew jewelry Hebrew:"El Na Refa Na La"Tran hebrew jewelryslates to:"Heal her n hebrew jewelryow, O God, I beseech thee"This is the most powerful prayer for healin hebrew jewelryg in hebrew jewelry the Torah. It is cried out to God by n hebrew jewelryo less than hebrew jewelry Moses prayin hebrew jewelryg for the healin hebrew jewelryg of his sister Miriam. CARE INSTRUCTIONS The jewelry pieces are PLATED so they should n hebrew jewelryot come in hebrew jewelry con hebrew jewelrytact with water, or chemicals such as perfumes that will harm the platin hebrew jewelryg. Improper care (such as showerin hebrew jewelryg, swimmin hebrew jewelryg, sprayin hebrew jewelryg perfumes directly on hebrew jewelry it or sleepin hebrew jewelryg with it) of the piece can hebrew jewelry seriously harm it. Than hebrew jewelryk you for lookin hebrew jewelryg at my Gold cuff! I also make other Judaica jewelry in hebrew jewelry my shop, an hebrew jewelryd I'd love for you to stop by an hebrew jewelryd check out the other cuffs an hebrew jewelryd the rest of the jewelry sometime. ~~~Kelka

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